# Day 289 (A Gospel of doubt??)

“Keep the faith” , “ Believe” ~ those are common refrains that underlie humanity’s age old need to believe there is some ‘method in the madness’ of our lives. Our beliefs may be different but we believe today just as much as any time that came before… humanity in fact needs to believe. So it comes as a refreshing change when someone offers not a gospel of faith but a “Gospel of doubt.”
To quote from a recently heard TED talk by Casey Gerald…
“The gospel of doubt does not ask that you stop believing, it asks that you believe a new thing: that it is possible not to believe. It is possible that the answers you have are wrong, it is possible the questions themselves are wrong…it raises the question, “Why?” With all the power of technology and science that we hold in our hands, why are people still suffering so bad? This doubt compels one to understand that there will be no miracles here. And this very doubt also fuels one, gives one hope that when our troubles overwhelm us, when the paths laid out for us seem to lead to our demise, when our healers bring no comfort to our wounds, it will not be our blind faith but our humble doubt that shines a little light into the darkness of our lives and of our world and lets us raise our voice to whisper or to shout or to say simply, very simply, ’There must be another way.’
Therein lies the dichotomy, we doubt only to believe something else ~ ultimately even a gospel of ‘doubt’ becomes one of ‘belief’…


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