# Day 292 (So tell me again…why are we on Facebook?!)

Hubby : Did you go through the details sent by the travel agent for the Europe trip?
Me : Ooops! That slipped my mind…will just go through it…
What happens thereafter is an occurrence many of us can identify with (or at least that’s the comfort i draw from similar stories shared by friends!). You pick up the phone to do the assigned task and there on the home screen, next to the icon with the letter ’f’ (am sure the irony of that alphabet is not lost on any!!) is a number inside a tiny red circle. That number can cast a magical spell so powerful that inspite of your best intentions you forget the task you picked up the phone for and are sucked into that other universe ~ the world of Facebook! Suddenly you are checking out those notifications, what has been posted, liking, commenting or sharing and generally forgetting what you had picked up the device for in the first place!
Apparently this doesn’t happen just accidentally—there is a science and psychology behind those actions.
(…more on that coming up!)


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