# Day 296 (Special days or…?)

For the cynics amongst us, a birthday is just another day when you came into this world along with some three and a half lakh other babies around the world (That’s the UNICEF estimate for average number of babies that set foot on this planet everyday!). Yet from that very first year onwards, those around us and we ourselves tend to ‘celebrate’ this ‘coming’ as an important milestone on the journey of life ~ a symbolic marking of how another year has gone by, of how we are a year older and perhaps a little wiser (or so we hope!). The fact is that those who consider life itself as a special gift always find reasons to celebrate, while for the more prosaic amongst us, even a birthday is just another day!
Remembering here a line from an old devotional song ~
‘mano to mai Ganga hoon, na mano to behtaa paani…’
(if you believe, i’m Ganga the sacred river, if you don’t i’m just flowing river water…’)
It’s like a philosophical-shrug, an answer to explain away why we believe what we do…the bottom line being that it’s always about the life-choices we make!


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A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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