# Day 310 (Moderation is the key)

At some point or the other we all ask ourselves this question: do our indulgences, our extravagances, need to be such all-or-nothing affairs? And then on the other extreme lies another question: why do we need to set ourselves near-impossible tasks of total self-denial, abnegation and avoidance. The answer you hear is always the same: moderation is the key that makes most things manageable, attainable and sustainable. The ancient Greeks had a word for the concept ~ ’sophrosyne’: an ideal of excellence that combined in itself virtues such as temperance, moderation, prudence and self-control. It is difficult to find an equivalent word in English so we settle for the simple ‘moderation’. It’s a solution that would work for most of the issues that plague the world from the environmental to even social and political.
They say why ‘cut out’ when we can simply ‘cut down’? “If you must be indiscrete, be discreet in your indiscretions,” said Mark Twain. But the last word must belong to Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ “Moderation in all things, especially moderation!”


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