# Day 313 (Of news and views)

As an English language teacher i was for some years incharge of the “Newspaper in Education” program at our school. It was a cooperative effort with a leading national daily wherein the newspaper was distributed among the students everyday. The teachers then worked towards not just encouraging them to read the news and be well-informed, but also in using it as an educational tool by integrating relevant news stories into classroom lesson plans. Those were times when it seemed important to be informed about the happenings in your city, your country and in the world. The morning newspaper gave you the daily information-fix and the more voracious amongst us literally devoured every word printed on those pages.
What a far cry from those days to the present times when a there is such a surfeit of ‘news’ all around that you no longer want anything to do with it!! The worst offenders are the 24 by 7 television channels beaming the same stories over and over again. As you surf one channel after another what strikes you is everything there from the banal and commonplace to the more newsworthy stories is “Breaking News”! Further disenchantment comes from the fact that most news has degenerated to tabloid-entertainment and sensationalism with an aim to grab eyeballs, not to inform, educate and discuss important issues. Maximum footage is generally devoted to some trivial event or topic that you really don’t care much about or to ‘negative’ features like war, accidents, terrorist attacks etc. that tend to ‘grind’ you down.
And yet, in this very surfeit lies our salvation ~ our choices too are now unlimited! When it all weighs you down you can choose to just switch off, ignore it all and simply curl up with a book! As for keeping abreast with events and happenings that matter to you ~ they are stored in the virtual world for you to access and read or watch at will. You can be your own news editor!!


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