# Day 316 (A spark across the gap…)

“We don’t always have to initiate a conversation with some offbeat never-before-utterance. Take for example, chatting with old friends where the familiar opening of–


“Hi! How are you?”

“Good, how are you?”


—is not so much a conversation per se as a means for arriving at one. The formalities of the opening give way to the expectedly unexpected, awaitedly idiosyncratic veers; it’s what anyone wants from any conversation, and what artists want from their art: a way to breeze past formalities and received gestures, out of a set pattern as in a book of rules and into the real thing. And that book in a way becomes a metaphor for life. Like most conversations, we all start off the same and we all end up the same, with a brief moment of difference in between. Fertilisation to fertiliser. Ashes to ashes. And we spark across the gap….”

(Brian Christian in ~ “The Most Human Human”)


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A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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2 Responses to # Day 316 (A spark across the gap…)

  1. NupurNS says:

    Brian Christian!! Christian Bale is the Dark Knight 🙂 And yes I had to google that because i was really blown away to think the actor wrote these words!!


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