# Day 340 (Looking for the ‘curious-child’ within)


They say if we let them, children can “reintroduce” us to the world with their inborn desire to learn. It’s one of the most engaging (and at times even the most exhausting and irritating!!) quality of a child…their insatiable curiosity to explore and discover. It comes naturally to them because most of their surroundings are new, unusual and unknown. They have to figure out how this world around them works and so for a toddler there is novelty and intrigue to be found even in the mundane and ordinary…just turning the light switch on and off over and over and over again can be a fascinating exploration!! Spend some time with a toddler-on-the-prowl and you begin to see why writers time and again talk of keeping the ‘curious-child’ in you alive even as an adult….
“The highest ethical calling, it strikes me, is curiosity. The greatest reverence, the greatest rapture are in it. During the first few years of our lives, we’re in a state of perpetual dumbfoundedness. Then, like a film, like a word, things go—from inscrutable to familiar to dull. Unless we are vigilant and fight this tendency. It’s a challenge~how does one stay as irrepressibly curious as a child? How do we keep the bit rate of our lives up?
Maybe it’s not so much about possession of the entire world, as a kind of understanding it. A constant endeavour to catch just a glint of its insane detail and complexity.
Maybe the best we can do is try to leave ourselves unprotected. To keep brushing off habits, how we see things and what we expect, as they crust around us. Brushing the green flies of the ‘usual’ off the table cloth of our lives. To pay attention…with the curiosity of a child~~”


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