# Day 356 (Conference humour)

conference cartoon

A poem shared by a colleague expressing sentiments which many stuck in meetings, conferences and such like gatherings may find amusing ~

The Seminar

There sat the learned,
like rows of soda-water bottles
awaiting their turn to be drunk,
and one by one
they waddled to the mike and there unfurled
their private prejudices
garbed in the robe of reason;
one, a jaunty little cockroach,
leapt to and fro while speaking,
another stood in solemn grandeur
like a statue carved with moving lips,
a third, bearded and grim
and glaring like a hawk,
bore down in garrulous ferocity
upon the audience;
and thus it went
until, in God’s own time,
their words sloshed all around the crowded hall,
they mercifully left for lunch.


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A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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