# Day 360 (My perspective or yours??)

A verse for our times~~

If you criticise me,
it’s your freedom of speech
If i criticise you,
it’s my Intolerance

If you judge me,
you are Enlightened
If i judge you,
i am Prejudiced

If you question my faith,
then you are Secular
If i question your faith,
then i am Communal

If you defend yourself,
it’s because you are a Victim
If i defend myself,
it’s because i am Ignorant

If you pen your thoughts,
it’s Revolutionary
If i pen my thoughts,
it’s Provocation

If you march,
it’s a Protest
If i march,
it’s a Mob

If you lodge a complaint,
you are following the Course of Law
If i lodge a complaint,
i am Misusing the Law

Try twisting all the words,
the only one you fool is The Man in the Mirror!
…just ponder over who is i and who is you ~~~


About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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