After months of dithering, of Google search and re-search, of lame excuses and sheer procrastination i finally overcame my inertia and decided to go for it!!

So here i am with my very first blog out there in the virtual world. The aim is to begin with one a day for 365 days and then regroup.  What do i call these random musings… thought-snippets, soul-broodings, notes-to-my-self, daily-reflections??? A plethora of ideas buzzed around but the one that i kept coming back to was that of the Pensieve. In Hogwarts’ magical world Dumbledore’s Pensieve is an object used to review memories.

As Dumbledore tells Harry Potter, “One simply siphons the excess thoughts from ones mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at ones leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links when they are in this form.” This idea captures the very essence of what i am trying to do here…store some quotes/thoughts/memories that define my mental universe on the internet…the Pensieve of our times. From the foggy crevices of my mind these snippets come unbidden tumbling out…some memories,some reflections,some inspirations… May the force (and some inspiration!!) be with me on this journey…

# 28 Jul 2016

A preamble to version 2.0 of My Dumbledore Pensieve~
After a 365 days blog-roll, one deserves a break i thought and so decided to take off from the daily writing habit for a month. Newton’s Law of Inertia then came into play and one month got extended to two! Some motivational force had to be applied for things to start rolling again and one is back again, this time with weekly posts.
Version 2.0 of My Pensieve comes with a new look and new categories under which i continue this introspection of various life themes. A year of writing is time enough to spot patterns and links in this exploration and so i club them under these seven heads…

Thought Snippets
~ these are just that, little insights into the underlying themes that define our lives. Included herein are comments on our attitudes and habits, some life-mantras as well as life’s lessons learnt.They may be feeble attempts with undercurrents of imperfection, but they represent a willingness to introspect upon, even embrace life’s many hues.

Indian Accents
The cultural context in which you grow up defines your world-view to a large extent. From this relationship to one’s roots gush forth these outpourings of the desi-girl in me!

Matters of Faith
As someone famously said:
“Philosophy is questions that may never be answered
Religion is answers that may never be questioned”
~ these posts are about the seeker in me trying to fathom the spiritual dimensions beyond our limited understanding of the familiar sensory world.

In Lighter Vein
So often life and its events need to be examined under the comic lens for a brighter and better perspective!

Wizardry of Words
A collection of quotes and thoughts that form a sort of ‘secular-scripture’ to which i turn time and again for comfort, consolation, even emboldenment through this roller coaster ride of life.

It’s one of my favourite quotes, “i haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list!”
From this innate desire to roam come these travel tales and more.

Foodie Ramblings
First we eat, then we do everything else for if you eat good, you feel good!
May the force continue to be with me as i resume the writing journey! As for those who’ve hopped on for a peek, here’s hoping you enjoy the readings enough to follow and add your bit to these posts via some valuable comments.


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi , this is in ref to your post #38 I found the same snippet you shared in my grandmothers book where she jotted down Poems she likes. I knew google would
    Help me find the source and one search led me to you .. another to
    Another link and the third says it came out in May 1974 in the Economic and Polirical weekly — am trying to get my hands on an online account for the mag to let me access the poem and the poets name !!
    Would love to share the poem with you and help us find the completed version together …
    I hope
    This reaches you !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sunsur81 says:

      Thanks for sharing this little nugget of info
      Remember just jotting down these lines for they struck a chord somewhere
      I do have more verses which I’ll share once we get back home (am out these days!!)


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