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God’s Own Dish

Along with commemorating our country’s Independence Day, this week also saw many celebrating the festival of “Janamashtmi”…the day observed to honour the birth of Lord Krishna, the playful multi-dimensional figure of our ancient scriptures. One can write reams upon reams … Continue reading

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# Day 101 (The Quest for Krishna Consciousness II)

“Sarva dharma parityajya, maam ekam sarnamvajra Ahamtvam sarva papebhyo, moksayisyami ma sucah” ( ~abandon all kinds of religions and philosophies and just surrender unto me; and i shall deliver you from all worldly suffering~) My earliest memory of Janamashtmi is … Continue reading

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# Day 99 (The Quest for Krishna Consciousness)

The by-lane to a local temple is suddenly festooned with colourful lights and decorations while a huge banner invites everyone to the ‘birth’ celebrations day after tomorrow…’Janamasthami’…the day we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Among the many gods and … Continue reading

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